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It’s a Different World

I will not even try to understand what goes on in the minds of trannies. When I look at this pic my instant reaction is ‘why are you going through a sex change when you are very clearly into girls’. And don’t come with some bullshit that you are a lesbian at heart because in that case I am too and a am a heterosexual man. even if I was bi that argument would not hold water.

So clearly I can not fathom what’s going on in your head and honestly I don’t think you do either but heh, that’s your business.

What is does do is create the opportunity for some bizarre porn and this pic is absolute evidence of that.

Please let me never meet a chick with a dick like this in a social setting either because that is one amazing body and not a bad looking individual either. I do back myself to spot those bear paw hands from a mile away though.

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In my opinion, it is super sexy to see them at every stage. In some cases they have the perfect big tits but they may just have more masculine features, in other cases, they still have little boy boobs but have cute feminine faces. They always have their hair and makeup just right, but most of the time these babes wouldn’t necessarily surprise you that they have a cock between their legs.

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Have you have gone on a date that started out one way but turned out way differently? There have been plenty of times where I thought the girl was kind of lame but then she ended up being a nympho in the sack. Those are called good surprises.

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As you get older you expect that you might be challenged to some degree on things that you once took for granted. It might be harder to get out of bed and it also might be difficult to maintain an erection. As sad as it is to say this happens to many men and even in some instances it isn’t just because of old age.

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It just feels like to me the moment there is a problem people just give up and that is a sad thing, more so when you know there are simple things that you can do to improve it. Before you take the path that is a failure, make sure that you think about it like a man first. Be open and honest to yourself and of course if you can do something about it don’t wait until the last minute to give it a try!

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