Latin Lady Cocks

It’s not hard to tell why I enjoyed Honey Trans. It’s a site that has mostly Latina and Asian ladyboys. They are stunning and eager to show off on cam. The site is easy and safe and secure to navigate and search. You do all of your searchings from a drop-down menu that’s at the top of the page. The models perform with cis men, gay men, or even other trans women. You never know what kind of scene will show up next. You will soon find out that it doesn’t matter a lot when all of the scenes make your cock throb. 

You get a ton of content with a subscription. There are more than 400 scenes with most of them being in high-definition, with crisp and clear quality. There are also photo galleries that are filled with high-resolution images. You are going to be able to stream or download this content without having to worry about daily limits. The site is also loaded down with bonus content that you get at no additional charge. The site updates on a regular basis so keep an eye out for those. Join today and get 59% off with a Honey Trans discount.

Shemales and Cis- Everyone’s Fucked Here

I enjoyed the time I spent on Pansexual X. The gorgeous shemales are so hot. I need to find one in real life and go on a few dates. On this site, there is no specific person with another specific person. They all just like to get kinky with each other.  For a limited time you can get an 82% off discount to Pansexual X. When you see the content you get with this membership you’ll be thanking me. It’s much more than just a single site. 

Your membership is the key to opening an entire network from Evil Angel, you get 31 additional sites. These sites will keep you busy for quite some time. This site is going to give you more than 15 movies to watch and photo galleries that go with them and every week they are putting out 3 new videos and 3 new photo galleries each week. All together you have more than 19,400 videos to keep you busy fapping for quite a while. The site boasts home to several famous porn stars and smoking hot transsexual models. There’s no void of beauty with your membership.

Top Trans Stars From Around The World

beautiful tgirl naked and hard in public

There are some stunning Brazilian shemales and Thai ladyboys, but when you visit too many sites you could be fooled into thinking there’s not much else out there. The collection of most wanted tgirls put together at is a real eye opener … not to say, zip-buster.

It showcases trans stars and newcomers from every corner of the globe – many countries I had no idea had any tgirl scene. When they say “most wanted”, they clearly don’t mean only the cutest or girliest tgirls. There are tranny babes here of all shapes, sizes and ages. Apparently, they plan to add more fetish special features, which is particularly handy if you’re looking to find tgirls of a very specific taste.

I particularly enjoyed browsing a new tgirls by country section which the site recently added. Had no idea there were any shemales in porn from Kazakhstan. Borat kept that one quiet!

Gooey, Messy Orgasms

I’ve been a fan of Tranny porn since the very first time I came across it while scrolling for something new. I quickly became obsessed and visited every site I could find. It didn’t take long to figure out they weren’t all worth watching. It seemed as though every site I visited glossed over the orgasms. When I found out I could get a 45% off discount to TransGasm, I signed up right away. 

This is a brand new site that’s brought to you by Grooby. They’ve been a leading producer of trans erotica since 1996. Members will get to finally witness content that focuses on ooey, gooey, messy orgasms. This is glamorous content that’s delivered in spectacular 4K Ultra HD. When it comes to the roster, it doesn’t get any better than right here. There are more than 155+ models including Domino Presley, Casey Kisses, Annabelle Lane, Sabina Sky, April Lee, Jenny Crystal, Alicia Snow, Nomi X, Vivian Spice, and Mya Badd. This is a deal that’s just too good to pass up.


Where in the World is Willy

Even though I know there’s a dick hidden between those legs I still find it hard to believe.

As a heterosexual male, I find notice my mind having a wrestling match with itself, almost entirely involuntarily.

Look, it’s clear that I am regarded as an open minded individual else why would I even be looking at this picture and why would I even be writing this. If I was the typical homophobe I would not have and I certainly would not have conceded that this is simply a beautiful human being. I mean she’s gorgeous, there just isn’t any denying that.

So what am I doing here then?

Well, I am one of those people who believes that in order for you to have an opinion you better have educated yourself on the matter. It’s the turn of transsexuals and what better place to do so than porn.

While I m going to do that I may as well pick one of, if not the absolute best site. At least according to my research which also tells me that I can have a 67% off discount to Trans Angels.

It’s a Different World

I will not even try to understand what goes on in the minds of trannies. When I look at this pic my instant reaction is ‘why are you going through a sex change when you are very clearly into girls’. And don’t come with some bullshit that you are a lesbian at heart because in that case I am too and a am a heterosexual man. even if I was bi that argument would not hold water.

So clearly I can not fathom what’s going on in your head and honestly I don’t think you do either but heh, that’s your business.

What is does do is create the opportunity for some bizarre porn and this pic is absolute evidence of that.

Please let me never meet a chick with a dick like this in a social setting either because that is one amazing body and not a bad looking individual either. I do back myself to spot those bear paw hands from a mile away though.

Check out this discount to Trans Angels for up to 68% off and have yourself some freaky fun.

Something To Write Home About

I consider myself to be an open minded individual. I try really hard not to pass judgement upon people and to just stay in my lane. I do whatever feels good and just go with the flow. I’m always open to new experiences and in fact I try to seek them out. I’ve always been a fan of porn. It gives me the opportunity to see things I didn’t even know existed. For example, Trannys. I had heard about them, but until I searched it while watching porn, I didn’t really have a full picture and I’m sure I still don’t. But I do know, that my dick got hard as hell.

I’m a big fan of webcams and recently I discovered BriannaXxXCagedQT. Now let me just tell you this little gem is a wildcat. You never know what to expect watching her cams, other than the fact that your dick is going to get hard and your balls are going to be drained before she’s done. You’ll thank me later.

I Thought I Had To Choose

I’m a bisexual man. I know some people say that makes me greedy or even indecisive, but I just like it all. Women have a softness and beauty that attracts me. I love a nice set of tits. I’m a huge fan of titty fucking and playing with them. The female lingerie turns me on as well. When it comes to men, clearly I like the cock. There’s just something about a big hard cock that gets me going.

When a friend told me I could use this 67% discount for Trans Angels, I had no idea what was in store for me. I’m completely new to Tranny porn and this site blew my mind. I had no clue that I didn’t have to choose between a man or a woman. These gorgeous beings have the best of both worlds. I’m like a kid in a candy store now. Just watching as they satisfy all their sexual urges turns me on more than anything I’ve ever witnessed before. Big tits and a big cock? I’m in heaven.

Like It’s No-one’s Business

Which is exactly what it is… if you like your girlfriend to have a decent set of tits and a cock then that is your business and no-one has any right to argue, it’s your choice. As long as it has no unwanted impact on anyone else’s lives there’s no harm no matter what you do really.

A mate once told me, in jest I have to concede, that a shemale might be best of both worlds. Surely it knows exactly what a good blowjob is and would therefore know how to give one and on top of that their tits are gifts from a doctor and therefore basically perfect. Pure win.

You’ll have to forgive me for not using preferred pronouns, I don’t subscribe to PC. I mean no offence and like I said, as long as what you do doesn’t have an unwanted effect on me.

Save up to 46% off with this discount from Grooby Girls and perhaps in turn someone could let me know who or what “Grooby” is?

Jokes On You

When I was a freshman in college I played football. I wasn’t a starter or anything like that. Just a nobody on the team. One night the other players asked me to join them for a night out on the town. I couldn’t believe they had invited me. They were finally starting to accept me, or so I thought. We went out to a couple different bars. Had way too much to drink, then headed to a strip club. I was having a great time. I had such a buzz I couldn’t even see straight but there was no way I was telling the guys I was done. I had to hang with them or they wouldn’t ever invite me back out.

One of the guys paid for me to get a private dance. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had finally made it. When we got upstairs the girl was absolutely gorgeous. I was having the time of my life. My cock was rock hard and I was on cloud nine. That’s when she pulled out her cock. Get a She Plays With Her Cock Discount for 57% off and see if you like it as much as me.